God ! I want out of here!

I found a good way to remember and learn english While I make the liability regulation for local staff of commercial department and technical department in this evening ! It really too long documents ! But I just think it will improve my language If I write down the regulations in English. Eventually I finish the job. And I found too much strange words in the regulation. Same time I found many ways to expression same sentence by different words .
It's really interesting!
First we know we will forget the words what we hard to remember in "tomorrow". why ?
Because you never use it again after you learn. So you will forget. Why you can fast remember English very well in another state? Because you talk English everyday !you will be used to English!
So today , I will share a good way to learn English for you.
1.When you encounter anyone in anywhere in anytime and anything just think explain it by English! Don't be think about you not good at English. Just speak out in you heart !Then you can know the word which one you forget. You will push yourself to find that word to remember it.
2. Many people like to write down something on you blog ,wechat ,Facebook etc, but just in Chinese. So from now you can write anything and talk anything by English, it's really a good way.
Why ?
Because that's your article,that's your memories! When you write down something you will get problems, so you will think about how to talk this sentence and How to use English of Which word you already forget. And also your article in blogs ,wechat,Facebook will enhance your memories again.  Because most people like reminiscence what self wrote in past in public. 
So you will have a good profound to remember English words. Also you will easy talk with foreigners. And enjoy it.
Also I remember many people talk about you will forget English if you are in China, because you never use it. So if you learn this method you will never forget English words. Because you always speak English in your heart.
Hope you Good luck.

Also should pay attention on details when you study anything.


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