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My name is folu ogunke and some people know me as folu storms i am a traveler presenter and a lover of music advanture and all things of Africa
So i found a way to combine all of this things as i discover the new Africa.
This time we are heading to Maputo in Mozambique. on this journey the crew and i are heading to city of Maputo in Mozambique.
From Lagos where we fly the are no direct flights to Maputo so u had to transit now u can do that either through Southafrica which will require transit visa or u can stop over night in Addisababa as the visa is included with your ticket.
I will be honest and tell u now that traveling from west Africa tickets start about 800usd upwards which is a fairly expensive price tag but once u arrive is totally worth it.
As we made our way through the airport Maputo i kept thinking about what we would find on the other side visiting Maputo in Mozambique is particularly important to me as the first dream i had of travel worth based on mordern to find most beautiful things of africa and the cities in Mozambique earthly stroke internet seems to fit that [caiterial] . so getting out the airport took a bit of time but our taxi driver Malek taxis AkA has found us with no real problem and pretty soon we all packed into the car and begin to chart about what Maputo has to offer and africans having there time now. so we take off i can practically smell the beach air and feel the festival vibe. but first a quick stop over the hotel to change. now the Polana Serena hotels is where we will be staying during our time in mozambique and guys it is beautiful u won’t believe it . it has this old world charm with an amazing morden highlights and is also considered by may be africans finest hotels. after fooling around in my beautiful room is time to change and head out.
we are heading out day1 in maputo am very excited first thing we are going to do is to get some cards because with calls we communicate currently called Met this met . a new information for you is that mozambique currency is called meticals the conversion is approximately is 30met to 1usd or 1met to 5naira not so bad isn’t it. Driving through town one of the first thing you would notice is how blue the sky is i mean seriously it looks like a photo shot now that my photo shot is time to make contacts am to go meet Elina, Elina Yakubs she is the editor for magazine called club mozambique and the really cool thing i discovered when i was doing research online and this is an online magazine with all at hard copy and it tells you every single thing is to do in Maputo and also other parts in mozambique so its pretty cool. now leaving in maputo is a news latter in english that tells the highlight
the Palana serena hotels lucky for me is located just 15minutes from the international airport and only 5minutes from the city center which means is within easy distance of a number of tourist attraction . so am walking to the kasmarket which is less than 2 minutes walk from the palana serena hotels just absolutely amazing so if your a guest that means you very easily stay comfortably in a nice hotel next to the beach and study access to the really good dropping. primarily selling things on the road side similar to Nigeria but the government had to put them on this little market place which is so beneficial and in less than few months it more than threepled there income
I think we are here there is a nice art in craft market with a lots of friendly vendors . this is beautiful like a little market slash garden slash chill spot somebody told a pend of 2 resturants in here is all at pretty good so i mean for a first day out i think is a good ideal to stop by the market. First we meet the best of survineirs honestly because they tell a fantastic story of your time away from home.
we have small of pepican . and finally after a hot day of shopping u can grab a cold drink in one of the restaurant in the bar simply relax. here something that is really cool abut this particular market is that lovely restaurants is like sitting in a garden and at the same time shopping . after flexing my boggning skills and having a nice beer to celebrate am headed of my next tourist spot the statue of Samoral Michel , he was mozambique first president from 1975 to 1986 his actions and ideology defined a newly free nation helping to guide his people to an concreting future. he was a revved president and a thaughtful leader who left a decisive legacy behind him. finally night has fallen but the day is not yet finished though, the crew and i had been invited to a dinner with a lovely twin sisters named Nelly and Nessa collectively known as Nemated. After a lovely dinner following laughter and stories the girls and i talked a bit more about there work, Africa and priceptions of african . My name is nelson am in mozambique am 26 years old and my sister.
The next day was bright and beautiful i then had a chart with the manger of our new home who then will educate us about Maputo and some key sights into this hotel and its key part in maputo . My name is Miguel Afonso Dos Santos [manager of Palanas Serena hotels] an.d we are in Maputo. Mozambique is a big country where we have other things to say it has beautiful coast with beautiful islands. What is most amazing about the people is that the people and the smell of the people and you can find in mozambique really authentic things from food to people to landscape even wild life and u can spend great time in mozambique. Polana is a land mark and it belongs to people. Polana is right in the middle of the city. from Polana you can work to restaurants and bars and genuis areas or a taxi that can take you in 10 or 5minuets to anywhere in downtown or few of the city. the location of Polana is very good u have the sea infront and u can also have the heart of the city near by. from walking u can go to the art where u can price some crafts u can enjoy great geturomic food in geriuodary. so exicited going to get lauch when i reach the tittle
Tyba bacal is a young phenominum african designer who has put both mozambique and Africa on the map, so i wanted to talk to him about the challenges that we face as a continent and how he tells young achievers like himself can help. Hello welcome to Mozambique
how exicited to be here , and how i tell you besi i decided to hunt you down you are a young person after and that i think is doing an amazing work. For a lot of africans country nigeria included all people know is negative history and that there is fighting and the rest so i want to hear from you someone who is leaving in mozambique and working out of here. what is it like? You know is not easy to talk about this things in africa especially in mozambique for me when u talk about development in mozambique u talk about many things but u don’t talk about fashion and am working in fashion industry so is not easy for me to say that everything is ok but if you talk about to work to make things and good things to help the continent to grow i can say yes mozambique because it is nice place because we are at peace and the people here are ver kind people if u ask me like taibor for example i can say i don’t like fashion designing to be in magazines or in the interviews i like to wake up and go to the stadium and work lets make my name because i pay task and to reduce task we can help to grow and build like new hospitals and new schools and am working on a project thats like helping children help pay for two children to go to school and this time is not about me is about our babies the babies of tomorrow lets spend money in education you know i don’t care about flowers i don’t care about fruits, if u want good flowers and good fruits u have to work for them in the plants thats the most important for me the most important is to wake up and work if u give me price ok because am working but i want to work for my family i want to make them happy thank you.

Chat over i get chance that head out to explore once more.But this time i thought i should use some tours and tours to be precised. Tours as easy but sometimes sound all aquitted way to get to any city you want to.And this is it, they end up showing the things that local things that you can get because they are design for tourist or.
They dominic language are for judaise and we speak english , learning english on standard day and french in standard nine. In toronto we speak twenty free languages. we have four official main languages and Shangaan is the kind of rocasium zulu and it is the same custom and we have the Ronga and the Makhuwa are the one with tattoos on their face and the Makhuwa are more accurate the wear a clay on their face ,for me i can use it as a building mask, is the custom and is the musiruos ,the wear it on their face on the day of their husband the are the only one that sees the face, the we wear on the bottom to top those are the customs we use back on the colony time ago , now at the times we are changing , all of us do it , But the younger generation is trying to discover the root ,this is the fortress that from that is from 1785 used before the original one are built by the douged the doused , we use this for our exibition and clary events , but if you have money you can print it on the face parties but now is been maintain by the university of bunyan the first university of mozambique. Dana tours are incredible interesting . They showed me so many places and things including the train station that have trade passing through the bar which is poping on a friday, is amazing when you find out or when you decide to explore. After the tour i got dropped off at the fish market to enjoy some local delicesise, Here you can find all types of seafood crayfish, crabs, lobstars ,snails and some things am not sure the are really what the were to be honest it was. But if you want crab seafoods this is exactly place to go i will recommend any one to stop by at the fish market ,or a little introduction to seafoods. And when the foods are done (oh my goodness what a feast) .My times in maputo is all most done but before i leave am heading out to the island ,incase you didnt know mozambique is pretty famous island , but time reasons am going to the closest maputo which is inhaca island , on my way to inhaca island i saw all sort of things , fishersmen,to beautiful water to amazing sky is great .Just up to 45minutes by seaport and over an hour away we are using the water taxi, which is what am doing , once you arrived on the island it is even more fantastic. They are several people waiting at the douged including s tuff at the pestana hotel which is the main hotel in the island. They have the nicest rooms that look like little bit shaley. As soon as i got in i have to go check out to the island. Amazing we just arrived in inhaca island in mozabique,but is and hour of 45mins outside maputo, beautiful fairy life. the water is as blue as can be made like…
im so excited ,i think i have lost my float somewhere, so I’m walking to the beach to see whether i can get some more
As i journey to city to city in this oyika island an consistently amazing and inspired . Maputo has shown me the incredible people and the stony beauty around the surroundings. Imay not know when am heading up to next, but i do know that wherever i go ,i wish it to be like maputo because maputo is truly the new Africa.


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